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So what's the deal with the stupid upside down Pepsi Logo? Can't they sue you for copyrights or something?

in 1992 D3ft’s Founder was in a parking lot of a strip mall in San Antonio Texas when Christel, his girlfriend then pointed out a rusty old Pepsi sign which had been hung upside down on the back of one of the shops.
"See? isded, It says, 'is dead'. I like that sign!", she exclaimed.

Old School Pepsi Logo [Inverted]

This moment must have had a profound impact, because he has been using various versions of it since.

We can only begin to speculate as to what caused that proprietor to hang it invertedly. Perhaps it was his statement on the megalodon of industry posing as a benevolant pop stand, in the last bastion of laissez faire capitalism while descretely increasing profit and maximising market share with externalities and and deceptive pricing. Perhaps the coersive duopolotist beverage distributor wasn't a fare business partner to this struggling entrepreneur. Who knows why, but the isded's even more obvious in the newer version of Pepsi's logo. The d3ft logo has inspired a similar treatment in the creation of the logo for the Federal Terrorism Enforcement Party, a radical global fascist political party, as well as the logo for the Department of Higher Intelligence, a secretive leftwing think tank based in Texas. The dOHI congregates religiously (once a week) at iHop Of course, for coffee and to discuss World Affairs and Global Policy, as I'm sure you already know.
department of higher intelligence
Will we get sued? Probably not. Legal Contol tell us that it has been adequately altered to avoid confusion, it isn't injurious to anyone in the Pepsi company, and the d3ft isn't even a company in the same industry.

So there you have it.
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